Urushi lacquer experience with UrushiLAB

UrushiLAB is a project born dfrom the desire to introduce people to the Japanese lacquering technique. It wants to show, through direct experience and a continuous path of study and experimentation, the world of lacquers.

After years of research on lacquerware, I want to share my experience and invite you to explore the secrets of this ancient technique. Discover with me a special material: urushi.

Work in progress

Much of my experimentation is still ongoing. This makes UrushiLAB a continuous working progress because, as the saying goes “You never stop learning“, a slogan that in the case of the lacquering technique is more true than ever.

Lacquer care

UrushiLAB will also talks about the conservation of Japanese lacquers starting from the background of the author who discovered the love for lacquers from the study of their conservation.

Together we’ll discover the conservation needs and the processes of decay of lacquerwares, learning how to take care of these wonderful objects that, for centuries, have enriched the Western collections .

Modern urushi design

With the intention of spreading knowledge of Japanese urushi lacquering technique, UrushiLAB offers the possibility, through its articraftsmen, to create modern design objects decorated with urushi lacquer.

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For further information on restoration work please visit the site of my conservation of cultural heritage company: RestART (site in italian).